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Online Safety


Senior Leadership Team

Head Teacher                             

Mrs Jayne Ellis

Foundation & KS1 Deputy Head / SENCo  

Miss Grace Bradford

KS2 Deputy Head                               

Mrs Natasha Maude

School Business Manager       

Mrs Joanne Bennett

Admin Team

Mrs H Roberts       Office Manager

Mrs D Smith          Finance Clerk

Mrs V Hitchman    Clerical  Assistant


Learning Support

Mrs L Harrison        Learning Mentor



Mr S Edwards           S.S.O

Mr D Vernon            ICT Technician

Mr L Beech       ICT Apprentice


Foundation & KS1 Staff  2017/18


Miss L Jones               Teacher

Mrs  T Host                 Nursery Nurse

Mrs J  Johnson            Nursery Nurse



Mrs M Towner            Foundation Manager

Mrs D Neill                Teacher

Mrs D Kane               Teacher

Mrs J Reeve                HLTA

Ms S Holingsworth    T.A

Mrs C Williams          Nursery Nurse


Year 1

Miss K Masterson Teacher

Mrs S Wilson               T.A

Mrs L James                 Teacher

Mrs S Ward T.A

Mrs L Davis Teacher

Mrs V Gray Teacher

Mrs J Hopkins               T.A


Year 2

Mrs A Sweet                Teacher/Phase Leader

Mr J-P Conway Apprentice

Mrs A Dalton                Teacher

Mrs S Gaffoor               T.A

Miss L Croft   Teacher

Mrs C Magee HLTA

Mrs C Magee HLTA


KS2 Staff  2017/18

Year 3

Mrs V Walton             Teacher

Mrs A McManus         Teacher

Miss K Blowers             NQT

Mrs D Alford               T.A

Mrs G Spicer                   T.A

Miss A McCartney        Apprentice


Year 4

Miss K Perret              Teacher

Miss R Bates               Teacher

Mrs H Goode T.A

Miss D Canterbury Apprentice


Year 5

Mr A Scott           Teacher/Phase Leader

Mrs A Blowers HLTA

Mrs K Agurea Teacher

Mrs D Wykes                T.A


Year 6

Mrs H Auton-Budds     Teacher

Mrs A Howat                T.A

Mr G Mahal                  Teacher

Mrs J Medley                T.A


P.P.A Cover

Mrs M Ryan    Teacher

Miss N Dalton    Teacher

Miss C Reynolds    Teacher

Mr A Paplauskas    Teacher


Click here to see our current staffing structure document