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Online Safety

School Council

School Council 2017-2018





Top back row left to right: Isabella Pails Y6, Jack Davidson Y6,  Maisie Kerr Y6, Suprit Bhatti Y6, Toby Woods Y6, Darshan Kannan Y6, Mrs Ellis

Charlie Gallagher Y4, Liam Page Y5, Isabella Stonall Y3, Jasmine Patel Y5, Max Bennett Y4, Megan Simpson y3, Szymek Szosta Y3

Ava Chung, Scarlet Maude, Lyra Sandhu (Year 2)


School Council documents;

Member list 2017-18

Member list 2016-17

Member list 2015-16

Member list 2014-15



Bullying Questionnaire Year 2

Bullying Questionnaire KS2